Creative Zen Micro tin

The Uber-Review is continuing on with the success of the iPod Altoids tin speakers . The second of the Altoids Tin modification series comes the Creative Zen Micro case
1. Get a case for your micro.
2. Eat all the candy inside
3. Make a hole near the center of the case using a dremel or a pair of metal cutting scissors.
4. Get some thin, soft material. This will be used as the padding for your Zen Micro.
5. Put the case on to of the material and use a pencil to trace around it. Do the same for the sides.
6. Cut your template out.
7. Place the template into the case. It should fit pretty well.
8. If you want, do the same for the lid so your screen will be protected too.
9. Put your Zen Micro in its new home.
10. Enjoy!
via itch of the head-fi forums


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