LG’s Fridge, Bling Bling

I think the designers at LG have been watching too much MTV’s “Pimp my Ride”. Honestly, did they get Puff Daddy(or is it P. Diddy) to consult on this on this Fridge? Here is what I can tell you about this fridge, model #R-U719GWN, a 3 door fridge by LG. It has diamonds embedded in the handle and the logo. The unit will be available in Taiwan on a limited run of 200 units only. So my Louis-Vuitton-luggage-carrying-Evian-drinking-Armani-wearing friends be sure to board your private jet when it comes out. Price and release date still pending.
[via Akihabara news]

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    Well, Dios means God in Spanish …… really bad taste to call a fridge “God” ……

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/5829220 Uber-Review

    That’s very interesting.


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