BigGames Home Video Arcade Machine

Talk about taking retro gaming to the next level. Target Stores will offer BigGames Home Video Arcade machines that will retail for less than $500 nationwide in November of 2005. Each unit plays 12 of the original arcade versions of the most popular Midway® games including: Defender®, Defender® II, Robotron®, Joust®, Bubbles®, Splatâ„¢, Sinistar®, Rampage®, Rootbeer Tapperâ„¢, Wizard of Worâ„¢, Timberâ„¢, and Satan’s Hollowâ„¢. The unit stands 62” tall and has an included, built-in, full color monitor. It comes with additional A/V inputs that allow (almost) any existing home video game system, DVD player, VCR or any other A/V product to be plugged in and viewed on the built-in monitor. I only have one question, where is the Galaga?

update: another version with Frogger, Blades O’ Steel, Contra, Gyruss, Castlevania, HyperSports, Time Pilot ’84, Shao-Lins Road, Jugler, Scrambler, Super Basketball, and Green Beret is available at Amazon

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  • Just Be Tees

    Where’s Burger Time??

  • z0rz

    Holy crap! This is awesome. I will definatly be getting one of these. I’m into modding of consoles and this one will just be another one to hack up. I hope the screen will be good. If not I can stick in a LCD screen or something.

    Featuring the $150 PC

  • Anonymous

    this is kinda cool…but heck, why not build your own. buy the casing, get the pc, the screen and there you go!!

    check this link out>>

  • Anonymous

    The Galaga is missing because it’s not a Midway game. NAMCO holds the copyright on that one.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, 5′ is not a full size game. My origianl Galaxian game is 5’8″ and my MAME box is over 6′

  • Anonymous
  • Ancient gamer

    Robotron…..two joysticks of arms falling off, lactic acid build up fun from the eighties….worth the price of admission. You couldnt get the feel on a gamepad but with this baby…theres a chance.

  • Uber-Review

    I love the back thing, before I posted this piece I looked up the dimensions of the classic arcade units from a couple of different sites and they ranged from 60″ to 68″. I thought that 62″ seemed short but the last time I played in a arcade I was just a young thing and everything seemed tall. To the person with the Mame box over 6 ft I checked out your site and I would buy your system any day.

  • Don

    YES!…the way video games were meant to be played!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m squinting as best as I can, How do you play Defender with 3 buttons?

  • Anonymous

    bah.. its way easy to build one.

  • Anonymous

    I hate to ruin anyone’s day but this thing is tiny. Almost all full sized games are close to 6 feet tall. This is even smaller than mini or cabaret cabs. I’m a collector and I’ve gone through close to 200 games and I’d have to see this to see what’s up with it. You can buy other multigames out there with a real 19″ arcade monitor and anywhere from 3 to 39 games on it for just over double what this costs. I have to think this is very cheaply put together and the 13″ TV in it will make all the games really small. It’s cheap and I think that it’s low cost will show in it’s workmanship. Mame is cool, just not my thing. You can check out my site of games at

  • Anonymous

    Yeah this isnt a ‘FULL’ size cabinet which this is actually something I have been looking for. Keep the 350 pound cabs, well since I don’t have the room for it, but this little guy would be good.

  • Anonymous

    Anything to kick Foleys butt is fine by me. By the way, is where you need to go to check out MAME. It is the way to go.

  • Anonymous

    to one guy who asked how could we play defender with only 3 buttons… well easy i guess it is changed so that you use joystick to move left and right instead of that 2 buttons.

  • Anonymous

    hmmm particle board ans a jakks sytem.

    sorry I’ll just build my own…….


  • samie

    i have burger time on my phone!!!

  • Andrew

    I agree, if you are going to spend 500 bucks on a cabinet with 12 games, spend the extra money and either build or buy a more capable cabinet. My brother and I built a full size 4 player with authentic arcade monitor for under $1500 or so.

    The Lunacade

  • Anonymous

    For $500 and a week or two of free evenings anyone with average woodworking skills and basic knowledge of computers and simple electric circuits could build a full-size arcade cabinet capable of playing 5000+ games. They may sell good for Christmas, but I see these eventually coming to a landfill near you.

  • Anonymous

    Look at this pics here.
    You can see it looks a little short. Also look at both pictures of the kid in the red shirt. His left hand is in exactly the same position. It looks to me like they superimposed the pic of the two guys in front of the games.

  • Fecal McStool

    I like to talk about stool.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares if it is “easy” to build one. Some people actually have LIVES and would rather spend the time with member of the opposite sex. When you modders realize this, you will understand what a horrible waste of time your lives have been.

    Sorry, but under $500 for a prebuilt one sures seems like a hell of a lot better option than spending hours gathering all the parts, and then several more hours building it, just to save $100 or so. Don’t know abut you, but MY free time is worth something to me.

  • Anonymous


    1/2″ playwood with rounded edges vs a real arcade cabinet made of 3/4″ sturdy material with t-molding.

    Junkie Namco 5in1 wannbe joystick & buttons vs real arcade controls

    Muchin sized cabinet vs a real sized cab

    A 13″ color TV set versus a real monitor

    Games are re-writes on Genesis on a chip vs real arcade games with correct sounds, colors, patterns…

    This thing is a monumental waste of time and money, total crap, Ultracade is supposed to have a sub-$1000 arcade machine out this spring, I’d much rather cough up $899-$999 for a REAL ARCADE then this Jakks Pacific-stuffed into a wooden box with Tvset crap that Biggames is attempting to push on people, how friggin stupid do they think people are to fall for this hunk of junk, my advice – PASS THIS THING UP

  • Anonymous

    just played one at target the cab design is all right for the price the 2 joysticks and 6 buttons a side were all right picture quality was an issue games did look similar to arcade but looked cheaply graphics wise a good idea but i will pass because of game quality

  • Anonymous

    For $500 I could build anyone a cabinet far superior to this. I was thinking about making a bartop out of a Jakks arcade joystick but A mAtx motherboard and a little creative hardware placement yielded me a machine that can play thousands of original games as they were meant to be played. I spent just over $500 to build mine and believe me you dont have to be a master woodworker if you take your time.

  • Anonymous

    These are NOT the original arcade versions of these games, although “Big Electronic Games” is representing that they are indeed the ‘arcade versions”. This fact is glaringly obvious when playing Rampage & Tapper (these barely look better than the NES versions).

    Again, these games are not emulated (like MAME), they are poorly reproduced.

    Some reviewers are blaming the poor graphics on the sub-par monitor, but this is not the case. The game sounds are pretty cheesy, too.

    The only game that passes for the original arcade version is Robotron.

    These games don”t look OR feel like the original games. Very disappointing, as I was looking forward to getting one of these. The games feel even less authentic than the remakes that you”ll find in those 20-in-1 joysticks.

    Unless you”re buying this thing just for the diminutive arcade cabinet-shaped case and tiny monitor, beware.

  • Anonymous

    What is MAME? And I totally agree that if you are going to spend the money, buy the real deal!

  • Anonymous

    I can tell you guys a couple of things,..those midway arcade games are intended for kids instead of old school gamers,like us that are in our thirties and forties.. i wouldnt mind seeing the guts on ebay!, bid on the chipset…(besides that cheezy monitor and control pad)the chip,wires,everything else that makes this thing run,..cause i’ll tell ya,..i built several mini arcade machines with the jakks 5 in 1 controller and ive been selling my arcades like HOTCAKES!! and to say that ive put alot more effort into making my arcades look and feel more comfortable!..i made my cabinets 49 inches tall!,…so that you can sit and play!..and the 13 inch monitor is in your face and not at an angle,..NO hunching over with mine,..and they are so sturdy 1 inch mdf!..i used happs buttons and jakks controllers,..which is a crazy mix!…galaga and pacman themes! and real t-molding but it works for me,..if anyone knows how i can post pics on this site,from my digital camera..i could use the help from you guys!,..gotta see what i have!…mine are worth 500 bucks! after all the crazy posts ive read, and pics ive seen from target, and other sites and reviews,..i think im sick to my stomach and having nightmares from that arcade!,..check out this review!>>

  • Anonymous

    ok, back! here are the pics of my progress! my jakks 5 in 1 arcade!,…tell me what you think? i have several pics ..just copy and paste anyone interested in buying??? email me on my site

  • Anonymous

    I saw one of these at my local target store. It is more like a kids toy than a real arcade machine. The marquee isnt lighted, the TV is only 13 inches, the buttons and joystick are cheesy junk and i do not think they will hold up to hard gaming. The joystick didnt respond very well when i was playing rampage. It the controls were real arcade type, larger TV, lighted marquee and built a little more sturdy, this would be something neat for the family room.. but as it stands now, i’ll pass and spend my 500 bucks on building my own MAME machine where I have full control of the quality.

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  • Emily

    If you want to know how to build your own arcade machine just check out this site…

  • MaxoTexas

    I own one.
    I broke the joystick after getting up to about 560,000 points in robotron.

    defender was unplayable (control layout).

    joust was great.

    Sinistar wasn’t good (I think the joysticks are 49 position in the real game and only 8 position here).

    the other games were not to my tastes.

    I have callouses on both hands and at times my left thumb and finger have been numb. My arms have been sore.

    If you are a robotron fan- this is great.

    Otherwise– probably not so great.

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