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The Gearlog posted this interesting looking photo. Which according to the post is a Bluetooth mouse that is stored and will charge in your laptop’s PC card slot. It is going to be introduced next month at CES. At first glance it looks very cool. Upon further assessment it appears that it would be uncomfortable and it appears to sit on a kick stand device that would buckle under stress. But talk about the ultimate travel mouse.

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    This looks very stylish, love the curves and would work great with my hp laptop, just a same as my other laptop has not got wireless built in so I use the card slot.
    A great way to keep a mouse handy.

  • Lortorial

    Too much form.. Too little function?? (Physical design as commented looks uncomfortable and flimsy).Conversely bluetooth is cool. with the exception that it makes it hard to recover your mouse when you biff it across the room [when windows crashes] (the traditional tethered cord comes in useful sometimes)

  • maggie

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