Brief Safe, The Ultimate Safe

I think this is a new low for us but I could not resist because it just makes me laugh too hard, plus we already had one toilet post this week. The Brief Safe is a simple yet effective tool for protecting your goods. The people over at Brief Safe realize that no burglar or person with all portions of the brain intact would dare look for cash in a pair of tighty-whities that are heavily stained. The specially-designed briefs contain a fly-accessed 4″ x 10″ secret compartment with Velcro closure that can secure your cash, documents, and other small valuables. The guys over at Productdose ask if the Brief Safe is Vulgar genius or genius-ly vulgar? I say pure genius.

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  • Anonymous

    you might accidentally throw those in the wash

  • Anonymous

    I might accidently wear them

  • Anonymous

    I might accidently drape them over my face and sniff the sweet man nectar of a soiled pair of tighty’s!!

  • Anonymous

    I might accidently drape them over my face and sniff the sweet man nectar of a soiled pair of tighty’s!!

  • Armaedes

    I might accidentally use them as a form of currency in Bulgaria.

  • Anonymous

    your mom and i used this site to meet your dad in a chat room. we had fun for long time.

  • stinky mcshitstainson

    ive already have like 5 of those why would i buy one

  • Anonymous

    you might accidentally put money in those and use them as intended.


  • Anonymous

    Those are THE SHIT!

  • Anonymous

    Hugh Jorgan says, Fecal McStool likes to talk about Stool!

  • Fecal McStool

    I like to talk about stool.

  • Anonymous

    Gives new meaning to sniffing it out!

  • Anonymous

    You are not funny at all, stop trying

  • Anonymous

    Yes… I will market my own pair of wearible brief safes. Mine will also have a foul odor to deter would be thieves even more. There will be no zipper in the crotch though… I will use a ‘company secret’ glue that sort of sticks the from fly together to hold your cash.

    This safe has been tested! Its held my family jewels safe for a week and a half. Not a soul has even looked at them.

    Now taking orders… Only 3 pair a month will be sold! Get them while they’re hot… or at least body temperature!

  • Hugh Jass

    Hey – All my underwear look like that!

  • Anonymous

    I think I found my next career. Profesion skid mark maker. Now I need to go eat some taco bell and wash it down with some chilli!!

  • Anonymous

    perfect thing for a skin bar

  • Anonymous

    I ordered these so fast I left skidmarks on my keyboard!!

  • Anonymous

    Turney Duff- Word, those look like mine- GIVE EM BACK!!!


    damn i dont know about these drawwz man. If my old lady found these she’d think my asshole got scared and tried to fight it’s way out of a tight spot.


    ya know, i think this idea might backfire. if a burgular breaks into someone’s house and sees those filthy shits layin around, he’s liable to examine em’ just from disbelief that somebody could actually produce such a monstrosity in their underwear….might wanna rethink this idea…just a suggestion

  • Anonymous

    Finally a stash spot for dirty money.

  • Bryan

    That is awesome!

  • Anonymous

    And to think I used to call thieves crap stains

  • Jessedale

    That is a perfect napkin!

  • Anonymous

    yeah man, so when I gotta pay for something ill say “hold on mam let me reach in my croch”

  • manmustard

    With a wallet like that i would be scared if i got stiffed.

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  • amanda

    why did my brother email me this site?

    that is all.

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