Mini Statements Mini Desk

mini statements desk
Some people just can’t let go of their car. The Mini Statements Mini Desk sells for £2500 (about $4,422 USD), perfect for those people who miss their mobile office. I guess the next step is to get a matching computer. Well, at least it’s one less car on the road. For more
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[via Chip Chick]

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  • Anonymous

    first post o yeah

  • Anonymous

    work is work, home is home… I’ll never wanna this….

  • Anonymous

    I first saw this on the UK Channel 4 TV program, Grand Designs. In the first series a couple converted a disused water pumping station to a home – the living area was so massive that the topless Mini desk was dwarfed on one side of the room. Can’t recall if he claimed to invent the first Mini-desk though.

  • Ian

    What is under the boot though?

  • Anonymous

    > What is under the boot though?

    An engine shaped like a desk, of course.

  • Anonymous

    sweet, very nice.

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  • Mini Statements

    Please contact Mini Statements at The new website is under construction. Or contact us on 07794 794370 or 07717 475110. Many thanks, Mini Statements….WE are only limited by YOUR imagination

  • done

    Im agree.

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