SawStop, Stopping You From Losing A Finger

saw stopTable saws are cool but losing a finger, “on the other hand”, is not. The people over at SawStop realize this simple fact and have designed a safety system to minimize the chances of that occurring. The SawStop safety system includes an electronic detection system that detects when a person contacts the blade. The system induces an electrical signal onto the blade and then monitors that signal for changes. When a finger (or any other body part) contacts the blade it detects the electrical capacitance and conductivity which cause the signal to drop. The blade stops spinning and retracts into the table, saving your fingers so that you can use that fancy new mouse that you purchased. Now the impressive part, this all happens in 3-5 milliseconds. Still not impressed, watch the video of a wiener being saved.

saw stop

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SawStop Table Saw-Workbench magazine

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