John Deere Noise Canceling Headset

I knew it was only a matter of time before someone incorporated noise cancelling headphones with the use of outdoor machinery. The folks over at John Deere decided to slap their label on a Noise Canceling Headset that is based on the Solitude design. Apparently the headphones are not just pure re-branding, it appears that there is some actual tweaks involved on the part of John Deere. From the John Deere site:

the John Deere Noise Canceling Headset provides 18 decibels of noise cancellation which is the highest of any active noise reduction (ANR) headset on the market. The only headset specially tuned to reduce the ambient repetitive noise produced by residential and commercial lawn tractors, agricultural equipment and hand held products such as gas trimmers, leaf blowers, etc.At a fraction of the cost of other widely advertised high end audio headsets, the John Deere headset meets and exceeds the requirements of the most discerning audiophile! Compatible with MP3 and CD players, portable audio equipment, all NASCAR race scanners and most airline audio systems.

Price:$90, not bad considering “nothing runs like a Deere”.

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[via Popular Science Magazine]


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  • jesse

    yep i picked up a pair of these on sale at my local Lowes for around 70.00.. Let me just say that they are definitely a great buy. Very comfortable and very loud high quality sound. The great thing is that you can use them without using any battery power and it still sounds good,, Now when you turn the power “Now your talking” wow these things really rock! Another nice thing is that they come with a very nice nylon zip up bag to store them.


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