Running Replica Of The Star Wars Landspeeder

Oh My! Here is your chance to purchase a running replica of the Star Wars Landspeeder. So, if you had to build a Landspeeder which car would you use as the base?A 1988 Ford Escort. Price:£8,000.00 or $13,880 US. The vehicle is actually licensed in California.

For a realistic look, it has not been done in a “factory fresh” style but made to reflect the idea that it has been in the desert and in use for decades. Right now there is some touch-up painting needed but otherwise it looks good. If you are into it, you can redo the interior dash to a better Landspeeder look and that should not take a lot of work if you do it yourself.

It has blue underlighting to give it the impression of floating, plus I have all the parts needed to put a vapor propane flame-thrower into the centre jet and had it in at one point. It threw a wicket four-foot blue flame!


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