Bathtub Lighting

bath tub mood light
Add some mood lighting to your bathtub with some waterproof lights.

Now you can add the soft glow of color, to enhance your mood and lift your spirits. Choose the “Spectrum” setting for an everchanging rainbow of tranquil blues, tropical greens, or sensuous reds. Or select the one hue you love the best. The submergible, waterproof light affixes easily on tub wall with suction cup mount.



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  • Phil

    When my girlfriend was moving we found one of these still in it’s box that someone had given her years before. We were about to toss it and decided not to. I fired it up a couple weeks later. We turned all the lights off got in the bath and prepared oursleves for a laugh. Lo and behold we both decided that this was the coolest, crappy, cheap gift EVER!!! It lit the tub and room the same way my $10,000 hot tub does. I am on the site to figure out where to buy more. Every one is getting one next Xmas.


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