Kikker Hardknock, The Inexpensive Motorcycle

Kikker HardknockIf you are looking to zoom around town but you want something with a little more edge than a Vespa. You may want to check the Kikker HARDKNOCK. Who knows, maybe someone will ask you to join their motorcycle gang.

The HARDKNOCK is a bobber in a traditional “old school” style featuring a springer front suspension, forward controls, jockey shift, electric start, solo seat, hydraulic disk brake, chrome plated TIG welded 4130 chrome-moly frame, and either a 49cc or 110cc 4-speed 4-stroke engine. It is significanty larger than our popular pocket bikes, sporting a 15″ rear wheel and an 18″ front. There is no plastic on the HARDKNOCK. It is comprised of numerous polished billet aluminum components and chrome plated alloy steel. It can be ordered in black primer or in one of our custom paint schemes.

Price starts at $1499.


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  • paul

    I will never buy another Kikker product again. Took more than 3 months to recieve my purchase with no updates on the status and no tracking number. The dealer could not even get an update from Kikker. Bad customer service, very bad. Save yourself the headache and get something else.
    MSO is “courtesy” with this company…so if they don’t like you, good luck getting one, and good luck getting your bike registered. Bought my first hardknock more than 4 months ago…still no mso. I give up.

  • Dennis M

    Don’t blame Kicker or the product? Blame it on the “Inexperienced Dealer.” He’s just a guy like you and me that fell in love with this Awsome looking bike. He most likely thought he could make some money selling these bikes. Cuz this product easily sells itself. I noticed you had nothing bad to say about the bike? So next time use a different dealer…
    I have no affiliation with Kikker or Hard Knock.. Im just a guy with a kikker on his wishlist.

  • http://n/a karl r

    the bike is a f’ing toy…my kid laughs at it, and he’s 9…too many people still watching American Chopper and dreaming….

  • Jownz

    This is a moped, and it is the coolest moped on the market, all these guys watching american chopper think that you got to spend big to have fun and ride a cool bike. I have one of these and they kick ass. it turns alot of heads and I got alot of laughs from my friends but the next thing they say is can I ride it, and I can let them with out sweating, and gets great gas mileage. I also have no affiliation with kicker, just a satisfied customer.
    and it is a toy, just like the guys that buy the big expensive choppers you see on tv… come on you dont spend that kind of money because you are trying to save on gas it is all about having fun and turning heads but mainly about fun any real biker knows that, the rest are just fooling themselves.

  • garnet anger

    I have owned several Harleys, custom Honda Goldwing and a Yamaha. The most fun I have is on a 50 cc scooter that I rent when I go to the Carribean on vacation. Size doesn’t matter, it’s attitude.

  • Dennis M

    I totally agree with you guys!
    Also, don’t forget that most Executives that can afford to buy Harley’s are usually pass their prime, trying to re-live their youth, and can barely ride it(Due to the power and weight of those monster bikes). And soon the thrill of riding is gone cuz they’re too terrified to really tear up the road..

  • mick

    more than a toy, the new 200cc is transportation and a show bike to owners, its become following, customizing and showing off these bikes without spending a fortune, check one out before you consider it a toy, they are the same size as the classic sportsters or hummers from back in the day, go to for the best service and lowest price.

  • King Biscuit

    I have one of the 200cc HardKnocks and love it. I do agree that it depends on the dealer you choose. Not the bike itself if you have problems. I had to do a few mods to it, but I just wanted to make it more user friendly, not because the parts or bike were inferior. Great little bike for the money and definitely an attention getter. Perfect for scooting around town. When I want to travel, I have a car for that. So yes, I guess that does make it a toy. A fun one!

  • http://none Jerry Bertrand

    I want to soup up a 110 Kikker any ideas

  • Ryan

    Best Bicycle on the market!!! Every child would love to have one!!! Wene my son turns 10 I will definantly get him one of those awesoeme bicycles..

  • yo mamma

    you must have a harley on payments, like everyone else. dont forget that motorcycles started as bicycles with motors added. a true motorcycle rider, rides for him or herself. not to ride a certain brand to impress everyone else. talking down someone elses design or choice of bike is childish and shows everyone who reads this who you really are.

  • Sam

    The bike is cool for what it is but the owner of the company blows the entire deal. Terrible sevice, terribe attitude and never has anything in stock to replace the cheap parts on these things.

  • King Biscuit

    I understand what you’re saying Sam. Personally I’ve never dealt with the owner. But the bike is the issue here. There is no other bike on the market that “I” can make parts for and customize myself. Anyone can run down to the Harley shop and bolt on an accessory to “customize” their bike. If any of you do research on these Knocks, almost all of us have bypassed Kikker and did our own work. The Knock owners can attest to that. I love mine for cruising around and bringing to bike shows. That wasn’t and attack on you Sam. That went to Ryan and his remarks.

  • Rideachopper

    Proven Fact:

    People will stumble over 50 Harleys to see a Hardknock up close.

    Seen it many times.

  • jess

    im thirteen and ride a bobber 110 cc its not something to lagh at either it will do 62 stock(but thats redlineing it) but its rocks if you get it already asemblem at a dealer it much easer than goin thhrough the company

  • laffinatyuppies

    I decided to purchase a hardknock because I was sick of seeing over bloated motorcycles with old men riding them around like they were hardcore bikers on weekends. thinking they were actually cool on yet another stock motorcycle that looked like the other 500 at bike night. every yuppie wants the coolness of a harley but there isnt anything cool about a stock harley. this is as real as any motorcycle out there. maybe not as cool as your stock harley(LMAO) but none the less. I ride more than 99% of HD weekend warriors, and get 1000% more attention because “MY BIKE” is actually cool stock.

  • Irideit

    I have an 07…took forever to get the whole thing delivered. arrived with smashed headlight, never got the batterybox straps. assembly is not difficult, took an afternoon. new headlight caught on fire…taillight blew out on day 2…”oil tank” snapped off and banged around on the chain, lost one of its endcaps off a mountain…carb inhaled the aircleaner foam…gas tank started leaking at a weld. anything chrome rusted like it was under 3 feet of water…key start refuses to work… foot pegs roll and the o-rings on them fall off…Neutral is impossible to find and it will pop out of gear at any given moment. And yet Ive racked up several thousand miles on it…its the biggest POS Ive owned, the only chinese bike Ive had, and yet I do love the thing. it is just plain fun!

  • Vic DaSilva

    I took this from Baron Bob . Enjoy.

    Top 4 Reasons For Owning A Hardknock

    1. At 90+ mpg (110cc) you could almost drive around the world on a tank of gas!
    2. Sure is cooler than a Euro Trash Vespa and I mean that in a good loving way.
    3. Price is only $1499 to $1999 the money you save could be donated to Jerry’s Kids.
    4. Theoretically, the Hardknock could get you laid.

  • Kane

    I love bikes. All kinds. The Hard Knock is definitly different by todays standards. You actually get to build your own basket case, so-to-speak. The pride you gain from being able to think and even say “I BUILT MY BIKE” is worth any little set back you may or may not incure. I like Harleys…ok, some harleys, but none the less- if you want the mullet of motorcycles, get a harley by all means. If you want a hard ass stiff straight up with it’s own area code mo-hawk, then get a Kikker Hard Knock 5150. Hey, you can always turn it into a mullet when your feeling a lil too cool for the frat boys later.

  • Kman666

    I own a 200cc Hardknock and wouldn’t trade it for the world.
    FTW, Ride till the wheels fall off.

  • smash

    I own a 2006 110 cc. it’s a collectors item among knockers. it’s loud as hell with the straight pipe, very quick and looks plain badass. there is nothing toy-like about them… hell most places won’t even let you even TRY to register it as a moped because of the speed and the sound of the exhaust.
    plus, you get them as a kit. which you then have to turn around and build yourself… it becomes a part of who you are and there’s no turning back from that. plus, the owner… is a damn cool dude if you drop your douche attitude.

  • Clayvin

    What make you thing you need to buy a Knock form Kikker?

  • Damian

    Does anyone know if you can title and register a Hardknock in California? Let me know. Thanks

  • Deldovacycles

    (Does anyone know if you can title and register a Hardknock in California? Let me know. Thanks)

    YES! You have to actually have one before you can do it.

  • Irideit

    lots of them in cali, kikker is based in san fran

  • Nick

    Guys….I am considering a purchase of a used Knocker….Problem is the guy chucked his receipts thinking he would keep it and never registered it. Would I be pretty much SOL if I bought it and attempted to get the MSO myself?



  • Kane

    This is a question best answered by the pros. Go to the kikker forum and post it. Someone will answer immediatly. Don’t be a stranger though. go ahead and become a member as you will be visiting often. These bikes are addictive. Knock on.

  • Tuttar

    Hey guys, im thinking bout getting one of these ratts, any idea how reliable they are? and what exactly r the steps in legalizing it? if you could help me out it would be of great help.

  • Deldovacycles

    Hundreds and thousands of mile logged so far. Yes very reliable MOTORS.
    What state you this would help out a lot also?

  • Tuttar

    srry i didnt metion that…
    i keep reading things and reviews about broken parts on delivery and horrid custumer service. is this true?
    and i was just wondering, Car insurance is required by california state law, does that apply to Motorcycles as well?

  • Deldovacycles

    My customer service is First class as a aftermarket Specialist to all things that Knock. There are many dealer state wide as well. Pick one?

    Yes you have to have insurance for your MC as well.Very cheap. Like $6to$10 per month on most policy’s.

  • KingBiscuit

    It’s nice to see some of my Knock Nation bros on here defending the cause and spreading the gospel!!!

  • Dennis M-(aka.. Densho)

    I’m proud to say I’m Knockin in Los Angeles! Had this bike on my wishlist for some time and finally made it come true. I’m riding on the streets of LA. Everyone loves this bike! I’ve seen many people stop their cars in the middle of the street, just to get a closer look at my bike. One guy turned his car around and chased me a few blocks just to find out where to buy one. DMV gave me a temporary permit to use until CHP inspects it. So I don’t have my plates yet. Other than the CHP inpsection requirement. I haven’t had any problems registering it as a Kit-Bike. I GOT MINE. GET YOURS AND LET’S RIDE…!

  • Tuttar

    Thats sick. Where did u get yours? its nice to know that someone else in Cali got it Street legal. how long have u had it for? any problems yet?

  • Adam H

    I’m thinking about getting a knock. They look kick ass. Couple questions. Whats the actual “cruising speed” on the 110cc’s? I’m 235lb and 5’9”. Also what would I have to do to get it registered and legalized in missouri? I seen one where I live and almost wrecked my truck trying to take it all in

  • Irideit

    several ppl have them in MO, look up the forum on

  • Gary

    I’ve been looking for a bike for a while now I really like the look of bobbers I just come across the hardknocks. I live in ky can they be registered here also I’m 6’5 and 300 lbs would a 200cc be big enough.

  • DDP

    Did anyone deal with the company “Oldschool Hardknock” for a kit? I think they are based out of Texas. I want to know how good they are for service and say if a part was needed how reliable are they. Also I want to know how reliable are the bikes after they are assembled. If anyone knows please respond….Thanks.

  • Kane

    DDP. I have personally made several purchases from OLDSCHOOLHARDKNOCK and the service and products are excellent. Josh is a class act and will do whatever it takes to make the customer happy and confident about doing business with them. The Kikker product is an amazing bike. it is well constructed and an absolute blast to ride. the draw back is parking it. Once you park it you will have no choice but to answer about a thousand questions from people who have gathered around to check out your bike. if your in a hurry and need to make a “quick” trip up to the store, take your car cause everyone will be taking up your time asking all sorts of questions. The craftmanship of the actual build is defind by the care and patience of the person who builds it. Do yourself a favor and get a HardKnock, you will love every inch of it and every mile it travels. if you are still unsure, have a look at the Hardknock forum. everyone on the forum is your friend from jump street and will be happy to inform or answer any questions you may still have.

  • DDP

    I was just reading on some forums and read a few if you are in need of parts for the bikes you have to order from a guy named Kelly. I heard not so promising things about this cat and was wondering if there is someone else you can get hooked up with for parts. I was reading that this Kelly dude owns Kikker in Cali but alot of people are pretty upset when dealing with this guy….so my question is who do you talk to to get parts if you were in need of them. Thanks anyone can respond to my question.

  • Kane

    DDP check out the forums. their are loads of dealers with many many many parts available for whatever knock application you may need. I can not speak for Kelly or Kikker. i have not done any buisness with him. I have seen him on the forum and it is my opinion that he is a straight shooter with integrity and a thriving business. Their are many aftermarket parts available through the many dealers on the kikker forum.

  • DDP

    Ok cool just testing the waters before I decide on getting a kit. I like to do some research before I buy anything off the net. Thanks……………………….. :]

  • Hammer

    Does anyone know if you need to seal the gas tank before you install it?

  • shytfaced1

    Hey, why did all the comments stop back in July? I am a serious shopper for a hardknock kikker but there are so many dealers that do “drop shipping” online. How does one go directly to the manufacturer for the bike? I accept that it may not be possible, that he may very likely only do drop shipping through his dealers. Any way, I enjoy all the comments about the kikker and look forward to making some of my own when I get it!

  • C. S. Magor

    The comments stopped because we don’t focus exclusively on bikes. There is bound to be a good owners forum out there somewhere that would give you more of the sort of information that you are looking for.

  • kane

    Yes, you can buy directly from the manufacturer. Kikkerhardknock5150 is the manufacturer. However, I would recomend purchasing from a dealer that is close to you. Most all of them are more than informative and willing to provide the absolute best customer service as well as genuine honesty and integrity. There is also a forum dedicated to the Hard knock and it’s owners. Anyone is welcomed to join and invited to do so. Click on the link on the Kikker site and make an acct or profile or whatever they call it. I am a member and will be for years. Everyone on the forum is willing to answer all of your questions and promote the Kikker Hard Knock as much as possible.

  • GJ

    I live in AZ, where can I get one?

  • kane

    GJ I am nearly certain their is a dealer in AZ. If not, there is one close, there has to be. Look up the Kikker forum, they have a dealer locator list and can readily answer this and any other hard knock question you may have. You can see an amazing amount of photos and videos of the Kikker Hard Knock as well…

  • luke anders

    What’s the best online dealer to order a Hardknocker from?

  • sirvancealot

    Hi there everyone,

    i’m living in Canada and have been drooling over hardknock websites and youtube videos for a while and I finally got the cash together to order up a hardknock bobber with the 250 v-twin. Can anyone let me know of a dealer that you’ve had a great experience with, so that I don’t end up making a mistake when I order? Thanks alot

  • Jig

    It’s not just riding on two wheels… if you ain’t got the power you’re just pissing in the wind. This is a toy. It might look cool, but that’s it. Quit talking like you guys know anything about bikes or bikers. Save your cash and get a real cruiser. For just 8000 you could have an 883-950cc bike brand new. There’s also a ton of fine used bikes (including accesssories) for under $4k. Grow up and quit talking shit.

  • Kane

    To JIG.
    I have about 20 different ways to make you feel ridiculous about your comments, but I will refraine. All I want to leave you with is, I currently own several motorcycles (two 1963 BMW 650r’s, a 1979 HD Ironhead, a 1923 HD thumper, a KIKKER 5150 HARD KNOCK, and working on accuiring a Norton). I’m just curious, am I a “BIKER” like YOU said? Or do I not fit in your little cookie cutting club? Either way, I could give a rats ass. The Hardknock is a motorcycle in EVERY aspect of the word. I do not have to buy the flavor of the week to satisfy my need to be accepted by the “Joneses”, as you do… Oh, one more thing…HD stands for Harley Davidson just in case you were not sure. How “BIKER” am I now? hahahaha! Your too cute on your HD soap box JIG.

  • Willrock

    Look there is alot of good and bad about these bikes , Bad -you have to build it yourself. wait thats a good thing make it your owen just like a HD . Thats what we all do buy a bike and make it our owne. I had a 1989 HD dyan custom. I sold it after getting one of these so I could buy more of them.If you want to spend 15,000.00 on a harley and then 2-3 more to custom it . Go ahead, Ill pay 1,999.00 and have a custom right out of the box . and Ill know every part on this bike . Can you say that about a HD ? NO!

  • Luwinkle

    The 250 isn’t out yet..we’re all waiting somewhat patiently.

    Jig: “for just 8000″? These bikes run from $1500-2000 ish. The 250 will be $3,000.
    Bit of a price gap there, comrade.

  • Jownz

    Wow, surprisingly there is a lot of love/hate going on here. I know where the love comes from but why all of the hate? is it because people saved up the 15,000-20,000 to buy the HD, got it then spent more to make it look different from all the rest of them just to find out that there are alot of people having alot of fun for 2-3G and looking custom? I am not sure just curious. But there is alot to say about these bikes like irideit said there are alot of problems with the bikes the aircleaners do not hold up and the oil tank/ wire box needs to be taped on or you will see it passing you on the road, I dont like how the gas cap leaks it may just be mine, and my pipe studs came loose, then broke and you do need to be handy with a wrench but they are alot of fun. If you cant aford it dont buy it, if you do buy it and cant have fun with it go to the doc and get help. If you are a “Hard core biker” like jig and feal like you need to have more power between your legs, well therer is a doc for that too…LOL. sorry jig that was just too easy, try being nice more often and dont kick my dog. I bought mine form Kickerhardknock and the service was excilent, remember this is a kit bike have patience if you have never worked with your hands and just want to ride one buy it already put together and save yourself the trouble. Remember HDs were cheap and had poor Quality in the beginning, oil leaks parts rattling off and pretty
    much a high maintenance Bike. My neibor has one that looks alot more like a bicycle than these do but some of these “BIKERS” obviously dont know nothing about that.

  • Jessica

    Just received my bike and almost finished putting it together. Great so far! Took a while to get here, but its here and thats all that matters. Time to ride!

  • Jiraiya

    There is no dealer in Arizona. I would use Tim’s Kustoms he has a great reputation on the kikker 5150 forums. Also Jig your an idiot all motorcycles are “toys” and apparently they do know something about bikes because almost 100% of hardknock riders assembled their own bike or have done customization work

  • Aldenbasa

    The new bobber to get isnt a kikker with bad service, fake warranty, cheap parts that break or fall off, get a Cleveland Cycle Werks bobber from Micks Customs. Theyre a 250cc not a 125 or 200 and theyre full sized, not a mini bike. go to

  • Maxquad

    Iv been looking at the bike kits ( Bikes in a box) as they are called. found a few from reputable companies.
    price range 9000.00 on up. Even checked Arlen Ness website–A frame, oil Tank and 2 wheels-$30,000. I know hes geared for the custom builders ,but OMG

  • Stephen

    the bike is nothing. Who is the unbeivable babe. She is stunning.

  • Visko182

    hey mate did you end up getting one of thes kits if so howd it all work out for you im keen on getting one and have been doing research and also seen alot of negative comments about them

  • dj

    Bought my 200 Kikker in Jul 11, used as display in a shop in Cape Town, South Africa. Redone EVERYTHING, powder coated 67 pieces, stainless steel bolts & nuts all around. Rewired the complete bike, and best of it all… Got it registered on SA roads in no time. I’ve ridden all types of bikes (even HD’s), but my Kikker stands out the most. Wherever U go people wanna know where to get one…

  • Michael Elyash

    Motocycles fans unite, Love the post but it needs something silly on the dash check outĀ  Fun Novelty Gifts.

  • Polo3-gti

    Know anybody the real manufacturer from this bikes?
    the street legal version now on stock
    In the papers from that bike stay the manufactuere Shandong Pioneer Motorcycle LDT CHINA hahahahahaaaaaaa

    the same was it on
    them look like the same .

    It is chinashit that is clear.
    But it must give an way to buy it directly fromĀ  china.

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