MP3 Pillow

MP3 Pillow

Imagine the iPillow but with a different design plus other colors, and you have the MP3 Pillow. The product idea and features are basically the same, you have a pillow to rest your head while sleeping and play music at the same time.

The spot to place and plug your mp3 player is located on the back, it’s a hidden pocket obviously so it won’t ruin the beauty of the pillow.

One of the special features on this 2-in-1 product is that the buttons on the pillow work and you are able to control the player just by touching the pillow. This means that you can be reading a book on your bed listening to some music and turn the volume up or down, when it is time to sleep just turn it off by pressing the red button.

Th MP3 Pillow is available in white, pink and blue, it works with AA batteries and don’t think about washing it because you will damage it.

Price: $20

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