USB Smokeless Ashtray

USB Smokeless Ashtray

Smoking cigars while working on the computer is a normal action for most compulsive smokers, if this is done inside a small space (like a room) with no ventilation, the smell can get really disgusting and the walls will get yellow in case you didn’t know.

To protect you from those two smoker problems, there is a USB Smokeless Astray. It looks like a normal ashtray, but on the inside there is a fan that suck the smoke from the cigars, making your working place cleaner than ever before. The car design has red colored headlights to indicate the power status which can be on or off depending if you open or close the cover.

If you are thinking about using the smokeless ashtray on your living room, (far away from your computer with no USB gadget near you) just use 2AA batteries and you will safe.

Price: $17

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  • Brian

    Cool! But the question is, does it actually work? That and do you think I can get away with smoking a cigar in the office with one of these? 😉


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