Video: Homemade Roller Coaster With 360-Degree Loop


Going to an amusement park and waiting 2 hours for a ride that lasts 30 seconds is not very amusing. John Ivers of Bruceville, Indiana decided to do something about this by building his own roller coaster featuring a 360-degree loop. The Blue Flash, cost $1500 and took a year and a half to build using trial and error. The 180-foot long home-made roller coaster constructed in his backyard goes over the tool shed, under the elm tree, and around the rose bushes – all in 30 seconds. Just hit play to watch the Blue flash in action. .

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  • Greg Lorriman

    I want it.

  • Dave the Rave

    Nice but pricey and far too short, wud rather keep the money.

  • Ingo Schweitzer

    This guy deserves all the praise and good things he’ll have coming to him. He is a true icon of American ingenuity. This is what you can make if you set your mind to it. We’ve become a society too fearful of lawsuits so in turn we are too reliant upon others making things for us by “standards”. Well, the solution is in the video. I wish there were more like him.

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  • KR

    I rode this coaster a few years ago. It’s fun but it will practically rip your head off as you come out of the loop.

    I’m not sure why they felt it was necessary to fake that this was John’s first ride. It’s been finished for years.

  • Alex

    yeah, Dave the Rave, you WOULD keep that money. how else would you afford all those male, German prostitutes?

  • I’m the Dude, man!

    coolest…toy…ever! Way cooler than Dave the Rave’s German prostitutes.

  • Derek

    Dude, that’s friggin’ awesome!!

  • Ghünter

    Mr. Alex, you obviously havent had the chance to tried German male prostitute.

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  • Lara

    “I”m not sure why they felt it was necessary to fake that this was John”s first ride. It”s been finished for years.”

    This was on television a few years ago… it just so happened to appear on this site just now. But I remember watching it quite some time ago on one of the DIY channels or something similar.

    In any event, it’s true what was said about American ingenuity… if only more people had the guts to go after what they wanted in the manner that John did, we’d all be better for it.

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  • Tinno

    What A Legend!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve heard rumors that John Ivers is dead. Is that ture?

  • Rick Kirchoff

    John Ivers is very much alive and still going strong. I visited him and his wife less than a week ago.

  • Bill

    If I live in the area, how can I contact Mr. Ivers to schedule a ride?

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