Professional Quad-Timer for Chefs

Chefs Quad-Timer Professional

While some people still like to use the traditional way of timing what they are cooking by making use of a normal clock, the upcoming chefs will probably like to make use of technology and the power of Chef’s Quad-Timer Professional.

It features 4 independent timers so you can check the timing on the boiling potatoes, cod, turkey and the Christmas cake – all at the same time. About the 4 lamps that will help you out: if there is still some time left the light will be green, otherwise it will be a flashing red and it will also count how long ago did the cooking end.

Obviously there is a normal-clock-mode to be used when the timers are off.

The Chef’s Quad-Timer line is designed for the serious home chef, the avid entertainer and the modern multi-tasker. Designed to compliment today’s upscale home kitchens, this unique product line features eye-catching form and progressive functionality

Price: $30 for the professional version, $20 for the normal one.


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