Bonfire – The Tripod Burner

Bonfire - The Tripod Burner

The Bonfire is a great concept made by Yu-ri Lee, the first main idea is to use the 3 pieces as a burner – each leg has some kind of “heater” on the top; while the second main idea is to make it very compact and small while not in use so it is easy to carry around from one place to another.

It should be easy to get this Tripod (three-legged) Burner to work, I guess there must be a button on all (or just one specific) leg to start ignition process on the legs, and somewhere on the Bonfire there is also an adjuster so you can change the intensity to suit your cooking needs.

Is there a better burner than the Bonfire that keeps the same small, compact and portable features?

[via YankoDesign]


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