Chariot Scooter, The Poor Man’s Segway

chariot scooterIf you have been looking into getting a Segway but you’re a little low on funds, the Chariot Scooter may do the trick. The four wheel electric “super-stable people mover”, shuffles along at a warp speed of 10 MPH. The 10 watt motor has a five hour charge time and will let you hit the open road as long as you weigh under 250 lbs.

* Rear wheel disc brake for sure stops
* Intuitive handlebar control
* Forward and reverse
* Covers up to 15 miles on a single charge
* 250 lb. load capacity
* Built-in turn signals and headlight
* Safety horn
* 20-1/2″ x 19-3/8″ deck
* 16″ front wheel
* Handlebars fold for storage
* Keyed ignition for security
* Charge level and speed gauges



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  • Joe

    I’ve seen these Electric Chariot things, and they are junk. The makers – and those who promote them – are pulling a fast one, trying to make a quick buck on the popularity of Segways, but they have only succeeded in making a cheap and dangerous toy. Segway spent millions engineering a sophisticated tool that outperforms it’s own rigid standards every time. I use mine instead of a car. It is an extremely effective mode of transportation – and I save $hundreds$ while doing it. Using the cheap version, this Chariot, won’t get you anywhere. One curb ought to be enough to tip you onto your face. Don’t be fooled!!!

  • Anatoliy

    The spend million $$$ dosn’t meet be better …. Russia spend more less money for Space program – but Russian Gagarin was first in Space … If you know something about prodicers this one ,pls. give more info ..e-mail or call 1-212-889-1536 Anatoliy ,

  • Robert Thomas

    I am a college student and recently purchased an electric human transporter for about $700 and it’s the best money I spent. I live about 2 miles from my school and it’s long to walk and too close the drive. I don’t pay for parking. While the real segway goes for about $3000, the electric human transporter is less than a third. No way a normal consumer can afford that. Functionality is all I care if it’s this cheap. I use it all the time and it’s pretty safe. Speed, distance, weight capacity, charging time is very close to the segway.

  • jacob

    where do you buy it for $500 leave a linke

  • Anatoliy

    I have one for $600

  • Vic DaSilva


    Do you have a direct link to the scooter somewhere on your site for more info?

  • Anatoliy

    You can see picture on … I

  • jacob

    where do you buy it?! plz tell me

  • Susan

    Used chariots have been on Ebay for around $400.


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