Garmin: GPS Is For The Dogs

Garmin Astro

Garmin, usually known for its various handheld and in-car GPS navigation units, today unveiled a new offering that is quite possibly the coolest pet-related gadget ever. Named after the Jetsons’ famous space-dog, the Garmin Astro consists of a small tracking unit that can be clipped to a dog’s collar, allowing its owner (with a handheld receiver) to always know the precise location of the dog.

Designed for hunters’ dogs, the unit can tell if the dog is sitting, moving, on point, or treeing its quarry, and contains a bevy of useful and unique functions to allow hunters to navigate the terrain, locate potential prey, and mark where they’ve been and what they found.

If you get one of these for your dog, chances are Fido will be the envy of all the mutts on the block, just like the kid who shows up at school with the brand-new model of iPod. Want your dog to be the coolest around (and all the other dogs to secretly hate him), and you to be the most successful hunter? The Astro will be available in June for a list price of $649.99.


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