Microvision Unveils Tiny Digital Projector

Microvision miniature projector.

Microvision today announced that it will unveil at CES an ultra-miniature full-color digital projection display approximately the size of a Thin Mint candy, designed to be embedded into handheld electronic devices such as cellphones, PDAs, or multimedia handhelds.

While having the ability to play videos on your cellphone is cool, who really wants to watch anything longer than a few seconds of video on such a tiny screen? Being able to project the image onto a nearby surface, such as a wall, whiteboard, desktop or your friend’s face, would make it much more watchable and easy to show to others.

While there’s no pricing or availability yet — this is just a prototype, after all — I’m sure cellphone manufacturers would love to add this to their high-end handsets, and you can be sure it won’t be cheap. And as soon as it hits the market and suddenly consumers are able to show their torrented TV shows with everyone around them, expect a wave of MPAA lawsuits to ensue.


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