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Peekvid - Watch videos online

Relying on TV and their timetables for watching your favorite show is not a good option, therefore I present you a website that has been on my top-ten-used-list on the past couple of days, PeekVid.

Basically… it displays a lot of the latest TV shows, movies and cartoons so you can watch them online, for free. Of course the image quality isn’t the same as a normal TV, but it is still worth the time. For example, if your favorite comic cartoon is Family Guy (like me) you can go to this page and watch some of the 32 videos available. I recommend the episode 6 from season 1, entitled The Son Also Draws.

In each Peekvid category – TV Shows, Movies, Cartoons, Anime, Asian Drama
& Movies – there are plenty of videos you can choose from. The number of movies (which are divided in small parts) must be over 50 and there are some rare but cool ones, like Pirates of Silicon Valley.

Do I need to say more to convince you and spend some time at PeekVid?

Update: Since Peekvid closed and the links redirect to adult content, I have removed all the links from this page.

If you are still looking to get your fix of the latest and greatest from the entertainment world you can also check out the Amazon Unbox service that is featured below.


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  • DeWayne(FilmCritic)

    Well, Peekvid’s traffic has gone downhill and I saw it coming. The one thing they started doing was replacing movies with movie trailers.

    They could not keep up with movies being removed from the sources they were using. Not to mention the quality of these free movies is terrible. has a more focused approach to good, quality movie watching. Check it out :)

    Movies That Bite Back!

  • Salamatu Jalloh

    I like ur web becos it entertain and keep you busy,also have super programs.Regular fans now.Luv ya to max.

  • Deb

    I can not seem to get a password through so that I can view movies. Can you help me out so that this can work with what I need to login.

    Thank you

  • Susan

    i like entourage

  • lion cameron

    How do I sign on?

  • Vic DaSilva

    Lion, the Peekvid site is no longer working, therefore you can not sign up


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