Tamagotchi’s Back, and it’s More Annoying Than Ever


Remember Tamagotchi, those tiny digital pets that kids played with quietly for hours on end and parents loved because it kept the kids busy? Well, the newest version is out, and it apparently lacks everything that made the originals such classics.

The simple yet engaging gameplay involving simply keeping your digital pet happy and well-fed? Gone. Now kids have to manage the thing’s education, help it get a job, and guide it through its career, all the while attempting to play mini-games to earn intellectual, beauty, or social skill points — or risk ending up with a stupid, ugly, antisocial pet. And the fact that a parent could buy one for like five bucks and keep their kid happy for days? Also gone. Now Bandai’s gotten severely into merchandising, and kids will be constantly begging their parents for Tamagotchi lanyards, charms, and “Pet Pouches”.

The device itself is $14.99. The hours of endless annoyance afterwards, however, are priceless.


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