Gizmodo Calls for Boycott of the RIAA

riaaboycott.jpgOur fellow tech-bloggers over at Gizmodo are sick and tired of the RIAA constantly bullying its customers, and aren’t going to take it any more. They’re declaring that March will be Boycott the RIAA month. The RIAA spends millions of dollars hunting down and legally attacking anyone who tries to share music with their friends, or post a video of themselves dancing set to a soundtrack of a popular song, or even run an open wireless network in order to share their bandwidth. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m sick of their nasty tactics.

How should this boycott work? First, spread the word to as many people as possible. Unless we can get the word out to enough people to really make a noticeable difference in the RIAA’s sales figures, it won’t work. Second, for the entire month, make sure you’re not buying music produced by an RIAA member label — that includes big names like Sony, BMG, and Universal, but also hundreds of smaller labels as well. Third, spend your money elsewhere, on music produced by independent labels, such as Magnatune.

You can read more details over at Gizmodo, including tips on ways to figure out if the music you’re buying is produced by an RIAA member. Now get out there and help spread the word!


About the author: Ryan Freebern


Ryan is a twentysomething web designer, programmer, and infojunkie who lives isolated from civilization in the woods of New Hampshire.



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  • Matteo

    Are you participating? Sign me up.

    Your summary of their transgression sounded pretty completing — threatening WiFi, threatening customers, threatening anyone they can find who doesn’t have a million-dollar legal budget. But how about this one — trying to reduce musican royalties EVEN MORE.

  • Ryan Freebern

    I’ve been personally boycotting the RIAA for a long time now — just about all of my music purchases are from independent labels. But I’ll be doing my best to help spread the word about this boycott!


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