The Strangest Pet Gadgets

Here is a roundup of the strangest pet gadgets in the world. Enjoy.



Can you hear me now? ruff, ruff. Good.

Remote Control Dog Door Opener

Remote Control Dog Door OpenerTired of walking down the stairs to let the dog out of the cage? Remote Control Dog Opener to the rescue.

Goldfish Walker

gold fish walker

Even fish need a change of scenery.

Fauna Sauna

Fauna Sauna
A company by the name of Friends FIR Life (nice name) created the Fauna Sauna, which uses infrared rays to directly heat your dog or cat.
Price:$550 from

Doggie Cages for Car Doors

Doggie Cages for Car Doors

The “BreezeGuard” is effectively a protective cage that mounts into a car door allowing dog passengers to enjoy the breeze in safety.


Dog Poop Catcher

Dog Poop Catcher
I think the picture is self-explanatory

Doggy Pedometer

Doggy Pedometer
Keep track on Fido’s exercise regime. Not only is it a pedometer, it’s also a timer and a dog tag rolled into one.

Price: $15

Luxury Jet-Spa

 Luxury Jet-Spa
The Luxury Jet-Spa comes with five massaging whirlpool jets, fill-flush whirlpool cleaning system and the tub is available in 50 different colors. If you prefer your pet to receive a good washing versus a whirlpool experience, you can try the Pet Spa.

Price: Luxury Jet spa starts at $1,700.

Bow-Lingual Dog Translator


Translates your dog’s barks into one of six emotions: happy, sad, frustrated, on guard, assertive or needy. Provides a phrase matched to the emotion to represent what your dog might say if it could speak. “Home Alone” mode allows the system to translate while you are away (up to 12 hours). Bow-Lingual maintains a record of the 100 most recent barks.


Dog Walker Treadmill

Dog Walker Treadmill
Dog Walker Treadmill. For the lazy ass dog owner, just put good ‘ol Spike on the treadmill and let him burn those calories. Burn, baby, burn

Talking Dog Bowl

Talking Dog Bowl
I think Gizmodo sums up the Talking Pet Bowl the best.

Although a dog bowl that plays back a recorded message for your dog may seem like a good idea at first, it really isn’t. Sure, the “comforting your pet while you’re away” angle is nice, but what about when you’re home?

Will Fido understand that no, you’re not hiding near the dog bowl? Or will he spend hours searching your house, tearing apart your newly-purchased sheets and blankets in a costly game of hide-and-seek?


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  • Pablo

    I check that web page sfe pets card. It great a perfect gift an Id card for a pet, nice!

  • nicolle

    omg… they are sure selling wierd stuff these days!!

  • Allen Pearl

    Say what you want, my dog has never talked back to me, or caused me any grief. She helps me relax, shows me plenty of love and affection, and gets me up every morning around 5:30 to 6:00 AM, something I could never do without her. She was house trained the week I brought her home form the breeder. When I come home after a trip, or vacation, she greets me with much love and kisses.

  • susan

    i didnt think the cage for the window was as bad as the could be used for smaller dogs that still like the window open..i myself have a big dog and dont have to worry about that.but i say of all of these the cage in my opinion is the best. the dog poop catcher seems cruel, if u need to put that on ur dog then you shouldnt even have a dog if ur that lazy.

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  • Cheryl

    I had my baby neutered with Neuticles and am so glad. With NEUTICLES its’ like nothing ever changed and it didnt cost $900 like Business Week Mag said- they were about $119.

  • Jules

    I would think that drinking from the bowl w/the owner’s voice chatting to the dog would encourage the dog to overeat or drink just to hear the voice play over again -not a healthy habit for dogs to have. It is a weird gadget!

  • Gerard

    It seems that the Fauna Sauna is a breakfast gadget. You can cook a Big size Hotdog. Bon appetit!

  • Evelin A.

    all ur dogs r so beautiful

  • Liz

    Okay those are interesting. But…a gold fish walker? Well if it sells I suppose. I’ll just leave mine behind in the pond around the back of the house. Great post

  • DogDoors

    Great post! Useful tips and ideas on pet gadgets, dogs in the picture very cute, thanks for sharing!


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