USB A/C Power Adapter


While USB-powered devices abound, it’s inconvenient to only be able to use them while sitting at (or near) a computer. Many things, like MP3 players, the various USB warming or cooling devices, or even your USB shaver can be useful elsewhere as well. This USB A/C power supply lets you draw power from any regular outlet and send it straight into any USB-powered device. No more only having cooled drinks by your computer… now you can keep them cool on your bedside table or next to you on the couch, too!

usb-power-outlet.jpgHere’s a free idea to any inventor who wants it: a wall-outlet with USB ports instead of regular A/C ports. With regular beige plastic faceplates and everything. Someone let me know when this gets invented, okay? To the right, see my hastily-mocked-up artist’s rendition.

The power adapter (not the outlet) is available from Thanko for $18.


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Ryan is a twentysomething web designer, programmer, and infojunkie who lives isolated from civilization in the woods of New Hampshire.



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  • Nick Ellis

    Vic, what a great idea! I’d love to have a USB wall-outlet in my home.

  • Vic DaSilva

    Nick, that makes two of us. Add me to the list for the in wall-outlet with USB for the home.

  • Sean R.

    I thought of this a few days ago and installed it in the new house I am building. I thought it was a good idea and it works great.

  • Judy


    I know the original post was from 2007, but couldn’t help adding that I thought about this also. Lo, I just traveled by Southwest Air and noticed that in the waiting areas they have charging tables with regular outlets and USB outlets. This got me thinking that it would be great to have USB from a car lighter- quick google showed it’s already been done. Oh well, there goes my great invention.
    In my old house I have come across some odd outlets such as the old telephone pin jacks and a few others. I wonder how long it will be before the outlets we now have become obsolete as more items are powered by USB. In the mean time, this adapter is great as I can easily find free electrical outlets for a quick emergency charge. Where I live, I have even found free outlets on the front of downtown buildings.


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