Illuminated Floating Fountain With Colorful LEDs

Illuminated Floating Fountain

It only requires 12″ of water to create a 10′ diameter plume.

Do you have a water garden or a small pool? Would you like to make it look better during day and night? If so, check out the Illuminated Floating Fountain.

It comes with a ring of 42 LEDs that when working all together at the maximum power provide a beautiful scenario, one that you can be staring at for hours and don’t get bored. It is all about the power of the water and the different LED colors.

A useful feature in this device is the sensor that turns the fountain on after the sunset, and turns it off at dawn. Not only it saves money on energy but it also makes the lights work during the best part of the day.

Price: $850


About the author: Tiago Gaspar




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