Radio Controlled Water Cannon

Radio Controlled Water Cannons

Stream of water bursts as high as 10-inches.

The Water Cannon is probably a good item for kids to have fun with, it is suppose to be used on a pool but since most people can’t afford to have and maintain one, I think that it can also be used on a bath tub.

You can control the following moves – forward, backward or spin – on the device by using the simple radio controller, the cannon’s nozzle can also be controlled by moving it up and down.

There are two good uses while using this toy:

  • target people that are outside the pool (or bath tub), so just imagine the fun of getting people wet.
  • Get like 10 of these things, create teams and start a water war

Price: $129


About the author: Tiago Gaspar




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  • Jim D.

    WOW ! Shoots a whole 10 INCHES !!!!!! Hopefully. it would be 10 FEET.

  • Gigireeeves

    wowwwwww errrrr um i sound stupid hahahah


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