Aurora Borealis Projector

Aurora Borealis Projector

Now you can experience the beauty of the northern lights in your own home with the Genso Kukan Aurora projector.

The device projects the simulated Aurora Borealis on any wall or ceiling and it should run for about 20 hours on three AA batteries. It also features a 30 minute sleep timer and a complementary new-age music cd to help users relax.

Careful though – combining new age music with mood lighting may cause users to slip into a coma.

Price: $61, a similar device is available at ThinkGeek for $35

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  • Amy Force

    As an Alaskan abroad, I want one so bad! I miss My Lady.

  • Chris

    anyone know where to get one? the website listed is sold out…

  • Drewster7141

    Looks sick


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