Floating Jellyfish Pool Lights

Jellyfish Pool Lights

If you are planning on having a pool party this summer, you may want to pick up a few Floating Jellyfish Pool Lights for a fun, unique look.

Each Jellyfish light has a top that randomly changes colors and fiber optic tentacles that “emit a vibrant glow.” The power is supplied by four AA batteries and the device can be controlled by a simple auto-off switch.

And the best part is that swimming through a bunch of these won’t gross you out or result in hideously painful welts.

Price: $59


About the author: Sean Fallon


Website: http://www.nerdapproved.com


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  • http://none Kate R

    THESE ARE SO COOL. THEY ARE THE AWESOMEST! THEY ARE SO COOL THEY MADE MY DAY…. however on a much sadder note these are extremely overpriced. they would sell much better at a REASONABLE price. ARE YOU TRYING TO RIP US OFF! HOW DARE YOU!

  • Rekush


  • Anquiletonia Leminxciamonte

    Es Planton Ge Ma Toniel Es Pica Plicasten Has Ton Bir Do Grelonmon calisheen !

  • http://n/a kelly thao

    that’s creepy having lights as jellyfish i would have scared myself

  • http://none dezrylle faye d.c vargas

    im,so very harry to see that jellyfish

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