The Platinum Gundam Robot

Platinum Gundam

Since the Japanese love for anime series and big robots is huge, they decided to create a replica of a robot called Gundam, which has been renamed to Gundam Fix Platinum.

The piece of art measures 12.5cm tall and weighs 1.4kg, like the name suggests it is made of platinum and to make it more valuable there is a 0.15 carat diamond located on its head, which gives a final price tag of around $250,000.

The platinum Gundam will be exhibited at BASELWORLD 2007, an annual watch and jewelry show held in Basel, Switzerland beginning April 12. After that, it will return to Japan.

I guess that only die hard fans of the Gundam series would think about spending 30 million Yens on the miniature robot, right?

[Via OhGizmo and PinkTentacle]


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