Solar Powered Lighter

Solar Powered Lighter

The Solar Powered Lighter is simple yet helpful, think of how useful it can be for the people that go camping and run out of matches or gas on the lighter. At the same time it can be used at home for emergency situations since it can be charged with any kind of light. There is a bonus point which is the base that can be used to open (beer) bottles.

Price: close to $19


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  • JohannesK

    Ooh, a lighter that recharges itself! It will always work, as long as I leave it in the sun!

    Except, of course, this still needs gas to burn. And that will not recharge in the sun. So it will still be empty when you most need it.

    As a replacement for a box of matches, I don’t think it’s such a revolution.

  • Bogus

    No gas involved here, just sparks. So long as the battery takes a charge, you’re golden.

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