Talking Food Thermometer With Remote Handset

Talking Food Thermometer With Remote Handset

The most traditional ways of cooking food don’t integrate any gadget to actually check the cooking temperature, but since some people need help to prepare good meals there are always useful gadgets for the rescue.

The Talking Food Thermometer with Remote Handset does exactly what the name suggests, there is a thermometer to check the exact food temperature which is afterwards (wirelessly) transmitted to the handset and the “message” is played in audio mode.

On the thermometer itself there is a LCD screen with plenty of information and 8 options in terms of programs: beef, lamb, veal, hamburger, pork, turkey, chicken, and fish.

Once a program is selected, the handset verbally updates the cooking status, signaling “almost ready,” “ready,” and it has an “out of range” indicator.

Price: $70


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  • TechFresh

    So this can measure the temps of any type of food or just meats?

  • Tiago Gaspar

    It is suppose to “work” with meats since it has programs to cook the different kinds of meat, but I guess it can work with other food.


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