The Sound Therapy Eye Mask Helps You Sleep

Sound Therapy Eye Mask

The Sound Therapy Eye Mask is suppose to make you relax and destress with the help 2 features:

  • nature sounds such as the Ocean Surf or Chirping Songbrids
  • the eye mask itself that blocks out all the light

Seriously speaking, I don’t know if in my case the Sound Therapy Eye Mask would relax or add more stress, I guess I need to try it and figure it out by myself.

One of the cool things is being able to connect an external MP3 player so you can listen to your favorite songs instead of the same old boring “nature sounds”, and the other cool thing is the 30 minute automatic shut off that will definitely save some bucks on batteries.

This eye mask is perfect for taking a power nap, falling asleep at night, or just catching a few minutes to focus your mind in the middle of a stressful day.

Price: $40


About the author: Tiago Gaspar




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  • kylie

    does this play white noise??

  • Rdwalker59

    Where can I purchase this item? My husband has been through several of them and Brookstone does not carry it anymore. Please he is desperate, I know this sounds like a crutch but it helps him sleep.


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