High Definition Swim Goggles

HD Swim Goggles

My philosophy is, why buy a plain old version of something when there is a super geeky version out there with a huge features list? These High Definition Swim Goggles are a perfect example.

The goggles prevent fog while filtering 100% of blue light to improve contrast, shadow definition, and depth perception underwater. The UV-protective curved lenses dont distort vision along the frame edge and and one panelist noted that the goggles seemed to repel water. Easily adjusted, the goggles have an easy-lock side clip that fastens securely and releases with the push of a button. One-piece flexible frame with soft silicone gasket. Panelists observed the suction was ideal for maintaining a tight seal without discomfort.

In my experience, any product that provides “ideal suction for maintaining a tight seal” is worth picking up.

Price: $24.95
Update: It appears that these are no longer for sale and the store recommends these goggles as the best swim goggles.


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  • anonymous

    I only have one complaint about these goggles, and that is the unusual visual clarity with which they allowed me to view the intricate web of varicose veins of the largely overweight woman in the lane next to me, and similarly a little-too-high-def outline of the elderly man’s “package” in a speedo.

  • Mason

    Who makes these goggles?


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