Lap Blaster: Laptop Sound Booster

Laptop Soundbooster

The folks at Pyramat are known for their high end gaming chairs, but this season they are branching out with the Lap Blaster Laptop Sound Booster that promises to turn your laptop into a “personal home theater experience” by amplifying laptop sound through two full range speakers.

The device also features an ergonomic design and an iPod USB dock – plus it can be used as a writing desk and a buffer that prevents laptops from overheating on your lap.

At this point, no release date or pricing information has been announced, but expect it to hit store shelves sometime in the near future.


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  • Techfresh

    I never knew these things existed but now that i know. Without hesitation buy one. I mean the sound on laptops is pretty good..but to be better and actually preventing from overheating. I hate that!


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