Snow Glow Lamp: Powered By Fat

Snow Glow Lamp

The Snow Glow Lamp ( formerly the Fat Lamp ) has been described as being similar to “a lava lamp in reverse.” Basically, the Snow Glow is a lamp filled with fat. When the light is turned on the fat slowly melts which, in turn, makes the light glow brighter.

According to the product page the lamp is also thought provoking as it provides a commentary on today’s society. Apparently this fat powered lamp parallels our own culture ( at least in the U.S. ). A culture powered by fat, sluggish bodies wheezing their way to an early grave.

Price: $436


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  • Jason

    I love how the U.S. gets brought down in the description of the lamp. Yeah I agree, there’s plenty of fat asses here, but there’s also plenty of people who wouldn’t go near a fast food restaurant. Sometimes you just have to deny the truth, right?


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