The Future Has Arrived, The Jetpack Is Ready For Sale

All those promises of a future with jetpacks getting you from here to there have finally come true. Before you start planning your trip to Miami, the amazing JetPack will only give you a 3 min thrill ride. That 3 min ride does not come cheap at $250,000 but it does include free training. Before you start to cry, a new and improved version is already in the works and should get you about 19 minutes of flight time for a reduced price of $200,000. To see the Jetpack in action, check out the video below.

[via OhGizmoSciFi Tech]

YouTube Preview Image

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  • Crimefiction

    If the future arrives its not the future anymore, its the present. And unless this is live video it isn’t the present at all its the past. The title creates an event that can never exist. Why would you ruin my day by messing with time? You have gone beyond the boundaries of nature.

  • Crimefiction

    Oh btw does anybody know what the music for the video is called?

  • Aldous Huxley

    This would be breaking news, if this was the 60’s. These things have been around for 40+ years.

  • Jack Az

    ***To Crimefiction: *** You’re like that weezy little nerdy guy with the button up plaid shirt and the pocket protector for his pens that was always pushing back his glasses. The one that argued with everyone else about how they were constantly wrong. Do you like to be told you are wrong constantly even during simple, general, everyday conversations? Well if you don’t but do it yourself you are most honestly a hypocrite. I can see guys like you let out that huge laugh that sounded like a jackass ( literally ) , at jokes only you found funny.. Look, context is the most important aspect of any writing. You can include the most absolute perfect and beautiful grammar this world “has seen, is seeing or will ever see” and without conception of the context you haven’t said a thing at all. True science goes beyond words. It is pure raw thought and numbers. That is why science is able to be exchanged with people who speak other languages and not your own. Some of the worlds greatest and inventors had sure education in grammar and their native language. Whether the persons choice of expression was accurate grammatically or scientifically logical or even inaccurate in the syntax of the words it still does not dominate context. Context is pure raw thought. Something you apparent do not and probably will not ever understand. Without raw thought all the ideas and theories you’ve READ about would have never come to be. You are one of those person(s) that will get the highest of grades. Have the highest of qualifications for a job and still live at home with your mom at 30 years old and have a job at burger king. And you’ll probably be arguing with your co-worker on whether you should flip the burger patty to the left or to the right first. You obviously NOT see past words into the intent of the message “context.” Now, do as i expect you to do with your snotty nose, and slacks pulled up to your arm pits and try to arrogantly prove you are not as i said you are. Put your 155+ IQ against mine and still watch me defeat you in the very end every time. There are a few people in this world that while we realize education is important. NO amount of education from other people “teachers” or books can make you “understand.” All they can do is pass data alone from one mind to another. Only the single mind itself can conceive the real intents behind the data submitted. -Oh yea.. and wouldyou correct my grammar for me while you are writing your argumentive reply?

  • Aldous Huxley

    ***To Jack Az: ***

    How to figure out you’re an idiot in 3 steps.

    Step 1: Missing the point that what he wrote was a joke.

    Step 2: Taking an hour to blather on about nothing trying to start an e-fight with someone you don’t even know.

    Step 3: Lecturing someone on intelligence when a lot of what you’ve written is fragmented and incoherent.* Lecturing someone on context when you’re too stupid to see it properly in his comments.

  • sayed

    i need jetpack but i want see how is work
    i am live in new york where your comp.
    thank you

  • si

    jack az how pathetic do you need to be to write so much over so little

  • smith joe

    faker noob get a life post below ,,!,, 8========>[]: this is ur face



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