The Twilight Turtle: A Plush Planetarium

Twilight Turtle The Twilight Turtle isn’t your average plush toy. Sure it’s cute and cuddly, but how many plush toys out there also function as a planetarium? Only one apparently.

Just turn out the lights and turn on the projector inside the turtle’s plastic shell. Stars from eight major constellations will be projected around the room in one of three different colors: white, green, and blue. Apparently these colors were chosen for their “relaxing, rejuvenating, and calming qualities.”

Plus, the included Twilight Turtle Star Guide will help you and your kids identify the constellations, so you both may learn a thing or two and have some fun at the same time.



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  • Techfresh

    Excellent use of science along with creativity! It’s always cool to tech kids at an early age about planets, constellations, etc., This is well worth it to buy!

  • erika

    we have one! our tot loves to fall asleep watching the stars. also- we have a beam ceiling and the stars still look great!


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