Darth Vader Hologram Bobblehead

Hologram Vader Bobblehead

As you can see, this Star Wars Darth Vader Hologram Bobblehead is different from all of the other Vader products out there. And when it comes to geeks, Star Wars and collectibles, different means everything. Well… that and the fact that this toy will be limited to less than 1500 worldwide.

The Vader Hologram Bobblehead will be featured at Comic Con later this week, but it will not be shipped until August. Fortunately, you can secure a copy now via a pre-order.

Price: £14.95 ($25.42)


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  • Your name:

    What is that?, can we eat it?

  • Greenman

    I can’t tell from the image, how is this a hologram? How is it even vaguely holographic? I can’t even see a hologram on the packaging! As far as I can tell, this thing bears as much relation to a hologram as a certain so-called cheese shop (which was completely free of any cheese like substances) bears to cheese: none.

    I’m sure I’m just missing it, but where’s the hologram aspect? Please!

  • Ashley

    Here’s another different one… The Star Wars Holiday Special Boba Fett!


    LOL I can’t believe they made anything from that awful program!


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