The Alter Ego Lamp

Alter Ego Lamp

Normal Lamps = boring
Alter Ego Lamps = uber coolness

Why satisfy yourself with normal lamps when you can be having fun with the Alter Egos?

One is suppose to resemble the “ugly” with its green color and no eyes, while the other is commonly known as the devil – red color with cute horns and tail.

Besides having the light on/off function, the two rounded lamps can also decorate your room, at least according to my peculiar taste I think they would look cool, don’t you?

Each light is made of plastic and comes with a roll switch and 7.5 watt bulb.

Price: $13 and up


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  • natasha ashworth

    realllyyyy funnyy lampsss wish that they wereout in the uk now

    i would get 1 for christmas


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