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    For an indeformable solid, in rotation one calculates his kinetic energy by is the moment of inertia of the solid compared to the axis of rotation, is the angular velocity of rotation a second (a number of radians a second).

    …..depends on the geometry of the solid, for example for a homogeneous cylinder of ray R and mass M . Thus if you can estimate the size of a tornado (horizontal and vertical) and the speed of the winds, if one supposes homogeneous rotation (what is undoubtedly not the case), one can deduce the mass from it from air implied in the tornado like his number of angular revolutions and deduce an order of magnitude from it from the kinetic energy associated the tornado…..

    actually it is similar to a conservation equation of energy. In the center of the swirl, the fluid goes very quickly, and thus the pressure decreases enormously, with the result that very flies away…..thanks for this useful blogging…..

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    I recently read on http://digg.com/gadgets/Water_Vortex_Engine_to_Generate_Power about a similar kind of vortex engine (but for water) by Franz Zotlöterer, an Austrian scientist. A search led to a number of other scientists looking at water vortex engines too. So, perhaps the future is not too far away for either water or atmospheric vortex engines.

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    Do you know the french project ?

    If you are interested, caal me back.

    Please find here under, some details.


    François MAUGIS.

    Solar chimeys « VORTEX » type (rotational flow wirling system) are the only solution to replace actual electricity plants in term of power.
    If such “vortex towers” are as powerfull as predicted, they probably shall replace actual solar chimneys as Spanish one in Manzanares (single flow upwind system) or even the future Australian one (1000 m high), less efficient.
    Two engineers working separately have discovered the same technical solution: AEROTHERMAL POWER PLANT.
    One of them is the French engineer Edgard NAZARE (see French patent N°1.439.849 – P.V. 983.953 dated 3rd of august 1964 in Paris and French patent N° 8.205.544 – publication number 2.524.530 dated 31st march 1982. Edgard NAZARE is dead on September 13th 1998.
    The other is the Canadian Process Engineer Louis MICHAUD whose project is called A.V.E. power plant (Atmospheric Vortex Engine).
    ADDRESS: Louis M. MICHAUD – 1269 Andrew court – SARNIA – Ontario – N7V 4H4 – CANADA. Phone: (519) 542.4464 – E mail: Louis.Michaud@sympatico.ca
    INTERNET: http://vortexengine.ca

    Nazare, venturi shaped tower is 300 m high and 300 m is also the diameter of the basis of the tower. The average power is 200 MW.
    The A.V.E. power plant of Michaud is a cylindrical tower of 100 m high with a diameter of 400 m. The small hurricane generated in such tower is 50 m diameter and 20000 m high. The average power is also 200 MW.

    Until now, the only solar chimney experimented is the Manzanares power plant built in 1982 (diameter 10 m, high 200 m, power: 50 KW.)
    Russia seems also interested in such power plants: See Russian patents N° 1.319.654, 8th October 1985- N° 1.526.335, 25 march 1988 and N° 1.641.962, 27 jannuary 1991.
    The Russian project confirm the interest of the rotational flow wirling system.
    The 1000 m high Australian project (single flow upwind system) is forecasted as 200 MW of electrical power.
    The Nazare venturi tower (rotational flow wirling system) is also forecasted as 200 MW of electrical power for a tower of only 300 m high.
    Nazare announced much more power for higher towers: 1400 MW for a tower of 600 m high, for instance.

    For further informations concerning NAZARE / MICHAUD project, please contact:
    Fran̤ois MAUGIS Р7 route de Fontaine Р60300 MONTLOGNON РFrance.
    Phone: 0627126914 – FAX: 0344581317 – E mail : energie.environnement@wanadoo.fr.



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    For a variation of the concept using geothermal energy see http://www.vortexegineer.com

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