• George

    Dear Sir,

    We’have found in your homepage, that you have got a D.U.K.W. (an amphibian personal carrier) That’s the vehicle, which we are loooking for.
    We would like to inquire for this, so we have some questions about it?
    Something about the conditions of payment: How is it possible? In ready cash or with remittance? (in this case: How many days we have for the paying?)
    Is it in a good condition, or need some repairingor restoration to put into operation?
    Is it have fixed price?
    Is it possible, or is it necessary to give a deposit to You for it?
    What kind of documents does it have?
    When, where and how we could have a look at it?

    If is it possible we need your answer for our questions urgently, beacuse we’re interesting this vehicle very seriously. It means that we need may be more than one piece. If we are able to agreed on everything, we could transact business immediatelly.

    Send your answer to my e-mail adress

    Thanks: George

  • Giuseppe

    If you are interested into BUY AN ORIGINAL GMC DUKW we have ONE ORIGINAL for sale. Contact giuseppe.annicchino [at] annicchino[dot]com

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