Shiny, Stainless Steel, All-In-One Homemade Brewery

John Carnett

Popsci photographer John Carnett has created a shiny stainless steel home brewing system that does everything from boiling concentrated wort to pouring a nice cold glass of beer. The first step involves boiling the wort using a propane burner. It boils for 90 minutes and is then transferred through a heat exchanger to the fermenting tank. The heat exchanger cools the boiled wort to between 53°F and 63°F, priming it for fermenting. Inside the fermentation chamber is where the genius really begins. An electronic temperature controller will activate a pump which circulates water through a rather complicated arrangement of copper tubing. Freon is used to chill it. After ten to fifteen days the beer is pumped into one of the two settling kegs where it is carbonated. From there it goes to one of two serving kegs, when you pour a beer it is chilled on the way to the glass.

I have seen quite a few home brewing setups in my time, but nothing matching this sophistication. One can only hope that he succeeds in his next goal, adding a third cart where raw grain is turned into wort. Good luck John B. Carnett and keep us all posted.
Price, remember it includes the components but not the genius: $4,315

Source: Popsci


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