Spiderman and Venom Walkie Talkies

Spiderman And Venom Walkie-Talkies

Forget that “age 3-10″ nonsense – geeks of all ages will find it hard to resist a set of walkie-talkies shaped like Spiderman and Venom.

Each character’s right arm turns into an antenna – all you need to do is lift the arm, click the button, and start talking. And if you think I ( a grown man ) would have any reservations about sitting around talking to a friend via a spiderman’s crotch, think again.

Price: $19.99


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  • Rachel Clark

    These were a gift to my son from his grandparents. He was in love with them for about 20 seconds until he got them out of the box and tried to use them. You have to be standing in the same room in order for them to work (you might as well just talk to the person) They have now been sitting in our yard and he hasn’t played with them since. What a waist of money you could put toward real walkie talkies that would actually work. Once again, advertising won us over.

  • Keith D

    The ones that I just got my nephew for Christmas (Spiderman/Sandman) do not work either. Same room, different room — doesn’t matter.
    Turn the switch on and all you can hear is background noise from the room that you are in.
    Press the button to talk and all you get is squelch.
    Try them from separate rooms and nothing is heard (except background noise from the room you are in.)
    Very disappointing.

  • http://www.jefftuttle.com Jeff Tuttle

    Pure garbage !!!!
    Bought them for my “Spiderman Crazy” grandson and they don’t work AT ALL!!!
    They should be ashame selling this stuff (garbage).

  • http://spidermen ron

    spaidermen shum mir je dal (L)

  • http://google amaru

    i am so going to tell my mum to ring the poliece

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    i rang the police they are going to take you for44 years


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