Tele-Data Guard Protects Your Phone Calls

Tele-Data GuardIf you are one of those people who insist on keeping their landline around, you may want to pick up a Tele-Data Guard for one of the following reasons:

  • You are a lunatic that always feels like someone is spying on you.
  • You have frequent conversations that would give someone good reason to spy on you.
  • You use a fax or modem on the same line as your phone.

If the green light on the Tele-Data Guard goes out during a conversation that means someone has activated a phone tap or picked up another extension – which alerts you to an invasion in privacy. The Tele-Data Guard also protects your fax or modem from interruption by alerting you if the phone line is currently in use. If you install one on all of your extensions, the extension you pick up will automatically disconnect all of the other extensions in the home – so you never have to run downstairs to turn off the answering machine again.

Another option would be to fully enter the 21st century and ditch the home phone completely.

Price: $18.99


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