Think Geek’s Uncomfortable Office Armor

Chain Mail Shirt

This aluminum chain mail t-shirt is available from Think Geek. Do not fall into water wearing it as it weighs 20 lbs. Other than that, it looks a little different, a little D&D and a little S&M. If you are the sort of person who seriously thinks about buying a chain mail shirt, then you are past caring about what people think. Some might say that you look ridiculous, but no one would deny that you look unique.

Think Geek have some advice for wearing their protective garment:

In case you weren’t aware, chain mail does not stretch. You cannot put it on one arm at a time like a fabric shirt. Instead lay the chain mail flat on the ground, bend over and thrust both arms into the bottom of the shirt. Work your hands through to the end of the sleeves and then begin to stand-up. Get your head through the neck hole and let the chain mail slide down your body. If you have long hair, make sure to tie up your hair before you wear the chain mail. Otherwise it could get tangled in your hair. You might feel a bit claustrophobic when first wearing the chain mail… but don’t worry you won’t get stuck. PLEASE wear a shirt or some other garment underneath the chain mail. The edges of the rings where they are joined together are a bit rough and can scratch you.

So, it is uncomfortable, possibly painful to wear, can get tangled in your hear and is difficult to put on. Doesn’t it sound like fun?
Price: $99.99


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