Zero X 2008, Fast and Silent Electric Bike

zeroX 2008

What is the Zero X? It is a motorcycle, and not just any motorcycle. It allegedly offers “the world’s best acceleration, agility and durability of any in the motorcycle in the market, electric or gas.” The Zero is a lithium-ion battery powered motorcycle. It runs silently, weighs only 120 pounds and goes from 0-50 miles per hour in “a flash.” This is not a bike to compete with the 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa; it is, however, an extremely cheap way to commute. It costs less than a cent per mile. It recharges in about three hours and a single charge will get you about 40 miles of cruising.

It does not burn gas so it runs in complete silence. This was a problem for some people, who would forget that the engine was running and inadvertently engage the throttle while it was operational. The absence of gasoline and oil also make for some very easy maintenance. The parts have an almost modular look to them. The frame is designed to be suitable for everything from city commuting to serious cross-country or motocross riding. For off-road use, larger wheels and smaller sprockets are used than for city riding. The one-speed transmission delivers some serious acceleration, while fully adjustable hydraulic suspension should be able to take whatever rough terrain you throw at it. According to their website, the ZDrive electric engine requires almost no maintenance, and delivers twenty horsepower.

The ZDrive uses one-tenth the steel and half the copper of competing DC motors, and delivers the best power-to-size ratio in the industry.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the Zero to tech folks is that it is possible to customize the riding experience. If you feel that the acceleration is too much, it is possible to tone it down a little. As you gain experience with the bike you can alter the performance settings to make for a more interesting ride. You plug the ZBrain onboard computer into any Windows PC via a USB port, making this bike potentially the coolest USB gadget ever made. Available for pre-order now.

Price: $6,900

Source: C Net, Zero Motorcycles

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Zero X Fast Charger

Zero X Rear Wheel

Zero X Suspension

Zero X ZDrive

Zero X ZPower


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