Carl Lewis Vibro Exerciser: Vibrate Your Way To a Toned Physique

Carl Lewis Vibration Trainer

Famed Olympian Carl Lewis has just released a new piece of fitness equipment that claims to give you 70% more benefit than exercise. The Vibro-Exerciser supposedly achieves this through vibration training that taps into your “subconscious muscle responses” to help reduce fat and improve circulation.

If you ask me, the whole thing smacks of those old-timey abdominal vibrating machines. Just another piece of junk collecting dust in your garage while you’re out washing down a Thickburger with a Mt. Dew.

Price: £149 ($283)

Via: Pocket-lint


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  • SHAH

    I want to buy the Carl Lewis trainer. I should be back in my Country next week on Tuesday. Pleae reply to this email and let me know the Cost.



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