Pimple MP3 Player Plays Music, Cures Acne

Pimple Player

According to the product page, this 128 MB Pimple Player will help clear up your skin. How it does that exactly isn’t clear – mostly because I can’t read Japanese. However, It appears to have something to do with an ions and absorption.

No matter how you look at it, you can’t help but feel that Japan’s pimply youth are getting taken for a ride.

Price: 20,790 Yen ($181)

Via: RGS


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  • http://mp3muzz.net/ Cliny

    Cosmetic player? it is wonderful!

  • Racheal

    your kidding right? I mean I would love to believe it but its too good to be true!

    p.s. I think its a bir pricey though…


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