Storm Worm Botnet, Growing Stonger every Day

Storm Fractal

According to New Zealand computer Scientist Peter Gutman, the Storm Worm Botnet can be classified as one of the world’s top 10 super computers.  There are between one and ten million computers infected with the Storm worm.  Peter Gutman made his calculations based on combining the number of CPUs and the amount of RAM in the infected PCs.  With approximately 1-10 million 2.8GHz P4s and 1-10 Petabytes of RAM the Storm Worm Botnet has access to more computing power than the top 10 supercomputers combined.

The Storm Worm has spread primarily through infected email attachments, video attachments and infected web pages.  The most recent being a malicious .exe file on a page titled “Download Tor.”  The rootkit that the Storm Worm installs makes it all but impossible to remove from an infected PC.  If you have been infected with the Storm Worm, the easiest means for removal is a fresh installation of Windows.

It should be noted, that the top 10 supercomputers are always on and optimized for performance.  Computers in the Storm Worm Botnet do go offline from time to time making the amount of CPUs and RAM at its disposal sporadic.  What Peter Gutman’s calculations do show, however, is the growing menace that the Storm Worm has become.

A screenshot of the Download TOR page that is used to infect Windows PCs with Storm

Sources: ZDNet, Full Disclosure, Top 500, Sgeir (Image)


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  • Shava Nerad

    It’s a backhanded compliment when you’re trusted enough to attract this kind of malware emails. :)

    I thought I’d pass on the Tor Project’s official comment on the Storm spoof emails:

    The Tor Project, a US non-profit organisation producing Internet
    privacy software, is issuing an urgent warning about a spam email
    being circulated as a fake promotion for their software.

    The real Tor software provides privacy on the Internet to journalists,
    bloggers and human rights activists all over the world. The spam email
    promotes the virtues of the software, but then directs people to a
    series of fake websites that contain malicious code that will attempt
    to take over visiting machines, and the downloaded software is fake
    and equally dangerous to run.

    The real website is hosted at and the Tor
    software can be downloaded from there. Users are able to check that
    they have received the official version by following the instructions

    Shava Nerad, Development Director for the Tor Project said, “I am
    disgusted that criminals who want to recruit more machines for their
    illegal activities should trade on our reputation for providing
    privacy on the Internet. Fortunately we already have systems in place
    so that people can verify that they are downloading the official
    software. But this is a distraction from our work that we could do

    Of course, we encourage people to go to our actual site, download and use Tor, donate, and volunteer! :)

    Shava Nerad
    Development Director, The Tor Project.

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