Top 5 Weirdest, Coolest Pairs Of Shoes You’ll Ever Find


Have you been looking for a hot pair of new kicks to show off for the upcoming Back To School season? If not, who the hell cares! These shoes seriously rock. The above pair looks like a set of amputated hobbit feet, and that’s just the beginning.

Take the jump for four more pairs of some of the coolest shoes you’ll ever see.


Everyone needs a pair of shoes that can reach the highest branches.


Well…at least it would make an interesting science project.


Really cool if you don’t mind wearing shoes that look like they’ll eat your friends and family.


The Mike Tyson of shoes, other than the whole ear biting thing.


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  • http://Thailassite thaila

    OMG! these shoes are horrbile . who would ever want to buy them and if i bought them id only pay 1p !!!
    infact i wouldnt even pay 1p for these discusting dossy trampy shoes . !
    even poeple on the streets can do better .
    LOL =]
    with love thaila x

  • Cece

    I’m kind of skeptical with these shoes except for the hobbit feet and boxing gloves. They sort of look ‘shopped, if you know what I mean.

  • http://icanhazcheezburger neil peart

    hey i owuld wear these in the next rush concert (the crocodile ones) wouldn’t b too bad 4 drumming in =]

  • http://icanhazcheezburger neil peart

    oops typing mistake sry =[

  • bongz

    I would wear the spider ones… I also got an outfit to match the giraf ones…

    where can I buy these?

  • xlondla

    WTF!!!! I wold actually wear the crocodile ones like an every day thing and i would wear the turantula one on a day like holloween lol


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